9 = 5 + 4 = 9

I escaped from Moon Colony Napalm Sandal!

I killed Xerne the red-shirted ensign, Ambassador Everywordmeans, Laurielee the nutrivend drinks machine, Glowing Dragon the tribble, Ambassador Evilgrins, Napalm Lullaby the engineer, Bunnyreaper the nutrivend drinks machine, Rodshark the medibot, Old Moon the engineer and Eternal Genesis the medibot.

I salvaged a Rekisanian deathblade, the Log of the USS Mi5anthr0pe, a FEELINGS-20 plasma rifle, a Woedinian deathblade, Quiyoughkasouck's commbadge, an EMOTIO forcefield generator, a Havoc model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Warmthss, a Microminimalist model hazmat suit, a 1stworldproblemlithium crystal, a Seventhtrilogyian artefact and 211 galacticredits.

Score: 571

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15 = 3 * 5


Sometimes, you don't know one way or the other.

For instance, I've discovered, recently, that J. K. Rowling, many ought to know who she is, is the second richest woman on this... such and such television show. I don't know whether or not to be happy that one of the richest (as well as the richest, Oprah) got that far because of something other than their looks and whatever... or to be annoyed, because, to be honest with myself, I didn't like her books that much. Sure, they started off relatively interesting when compared to the nonsensical garbage people write these days, but... there was that one book, the one where everyone kept saying "So-and-so kills such-and-such!", there was a lot of a certain 'word' used that completely killed my head. It brought me back to my teenager days when I picked up a certain book... ...

...but, no. I shan't go into that. The reader, as the reader must confess, is too busy.

Besides, I've got work to do.
Playing in a Box

8 = 4 * 2


Perhaps an ingredient in this candy is addicting. Yes.

NeverAlways introduce sour candy to your chidlchildren.
General Grievous

12 = 4(2 + 1)

Frank: Baaaah. LJ has a new IM Service !
LJ user: Why would I want another one?
Frank: Because you're obsessed with this site enough to waste your time with something just as pointless.
LJ user: What?
Frank: Baaaah. I said 'baaaah'.
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11 = 7 + 4

Oughtn't there be a 'zeroth class'? To compare with the first class by being bother before them and not there at all.
Oughtn't there be the word 'oughtn't'? Not too sure if it's already there.
I shan't know! Haha! Higher! Parry THAT thrust!

In the meanwhile, little has been going on. To be true, a vacation is rarely exciting anymore.
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8 = (5 + 9) - 6

Raggedy raggedy raggedy rag rag raggedy raggedy rag ragdoll!

I would not, could not, in a house.
I would not, could not, with a mouse.

Oooh~ Suggestive!

Oh, Alex. The idea I had for your thing was to have religions that are named after... non-religions. Sort of like the Racists idea we discussed.

Raggedy raggedy raggedy rag rag raggedy raggedy raggedyanne!
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